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Darrell Lea Strawberry Nibs 200g
Indulge your sweet tooth in deliciously bite-sized Strawberry Nibs. They're soft and chewy, lip-smackingly fruity and oh-so-tasty. Pop one in your mouth and experience a burst of flavour like no other.
Darrell Lea Watermelon Nibs 200g
Get ready for a deliciously refreshing watermelon hit with our chewy, fruity Watermelon Nibs. Delightfully bite-sized and irresistibly soft, you won't be able to resist going back for more.
Darrell Lea Rocklea Road Block 180g
Our Rocklea Road is full of pillowy marshmallow, crunchy peanuts & toasted coconut, all covered in smooth milk chocolate. Darrell Lea has been generously handcrafting our famous Rocklea Road since the 1930s and now have made it into a block version. With flavour bursting from the block, Rocklea Road is still a wholly unique chocolate after all this time.

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