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We ask members to understand that we have 100,000 members in Australia and send less than 100,000 boxes each year. 

Each Black Box campaign has specific target audiences, such as if the box has cat or dog products – we want members with pets to receive those! Or if you are someone who wears makeup you’re the perfect candidate for makeup remover! Hopefully this gives you some insight into why you may not be receiving boxes! However, we are doing our best to get everyone a box!


– Check Your Address –

Due to significant external price increase we are unable to deliver to non-urban addresses. If the address linked to your profile is rural/ not in an metropolitan area you will be less likely to receive a box.

It is recommended to have an urban address linked to your profile (i.e. a workplace address or possibly a friend or family members address) to increase your chances of receiving boxes!

There are a few reasons as to why this may be! You may have unsubscribed at some point, or your email service may have blocked our email provider – if these are the case you will need to resubscribe or change your email address, you can do so on your Black Box profile.

Unfortunately, once your box leaves us we have no more insight into its delivery than you do!

It is best to contact your local courier depot directly (via phone call is best) and they will help redirect your box.

Our free memberships applications are currently full.

We do occasionally open our membership applications, so keep checking back to

If you receive an email from us saying you have not completed the relevant campaign survey, it means your response has not been filled in to the end. 

You may have only completed 90% of the survey. You will need to fill in your details at the end of the survey to have completed the survey.

You can easily change your address on your Black Box profile. Ensure your post code, and unit number is correct.

You can now change your email address without having to contact our support team!

Simply head to your Black Box profile, change the email address and look out for a confirmation email.

If you are awaiting a Black Box to be delivered to you, please wait 2 weeks before contacting our support team, your box could still be making its way to you.

There are a few ways you can increase your chances of receiving Black Boxes. 

Check your address. Due to rising costs, we are typically unable to cater to rural/out of city addresses. We recommend if possible changing your address to an urban one – whether this be a workplace, family, or friends house. 

Update your profile regularly. We are constantly adding new fields to fill in on your profile. Checking and updating your profile regularly will increase your chances of receiving Black Boxes. 

Unfortunately our boxes are always based on your profile meeting the criteria, so if you do not meet the campaign there is a low chance you will be selected. We are trying to cater for as many of our members as possible, however please understand if your profile is complicated you may not be eligible to receive many boxes.

You will receive a tracking email for your Box. Please allow up to two weeks for your box to make it to you before reaching out to your local courier to query – your box may still be making its way to you!

Your box will feature a campaign booklet. This will include a campaign checklist for you! However, if your box does not feature this checklist… here’s what to do:

  1. Try everything in the box. 
  2. Take pics/videos of you using the products
  3. Open campaign emails
  4. Post pics/videos on @blackboxau Facebook page
  5. Use #blackboxau on your posts.
  6. Complete the Survey
  7. Review products on Black Box Reviews 

Do not worry, this email is not a scam!

It is real and comes from us!

This email address comes from an automated system, so please do not reply to this email as we will not be able to see this. 

If you have a query please reach out to us at [email protected]

If your question cannot be answered from the above FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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