Farmers Market Real Tuna in Gravy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

Last updated on April 3, 2024 4:41 pm

  • Filled with quality ingredients and with the delicious taste of real tuna
  • Protein for strong muscles and weight
  • Supports a healthy digestion with its grain-free formula
  • All natural*complete and balanced meal
  • Feed it as a treat or as part of your cat’s everyday diet
Farmers Market Real Tuna in Gravy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food
Farmers Market Real Tuna in Gravy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

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  1. Dorothy

    My lovely fluffy cat loves this tuna in gravy so much she will not eat anything else. Coles only sells a 6 pack which includes a broth which I just throw away as she does not like it.
    Where can I buy the cans of TUNA IN GRAVY now?

    + PROS: Cat loves tuna in gravy
    - CONS: cat hates apple broth
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  2. Gillian Warnock

    Cats loved lapping it up, but you couldn’t just feed it as it is mainly just a tin of broth, hardly any piece’s of meat.

    + PROS: Just liquid nothing substantial, wouldn’t feed to my cat other than to add flavour to the dry food. Not value for money
    - CONS: Cat liked lapping the broth
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  3. Carol

    My cat loves the tuna and up until recently at Coles I could buy it in individual tins but now it only comes in a 6 pack “fish collection” which includes 3 tins of salmon & apple which my cat won’t eat, so now I can’t buy any of it.

    + PROS: Very few additives.
    - CONS: Can no longer buy it in individual tins anywhere in Sydney. Pet Circle only stock dog food.
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  4. Carol williams

    Just come back from my hunt for this food. Finally got it in New World. Why. For the fist time ever my 14 year old ,half wild tortoise shell cat ,wolfed down a howl tin of this food. Now my other cat , also a tortoise shell and two years old , has just wolfed down the fish cat food. Thank you Farmers Market!

    + PROS: My fussy cats love it and it’s all natural goodness.
    - CONS: Could only get this In New Word in Auckland N.Z.
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  5. Carly Smith

    Both of my cats enjoyed this, ate the whole can each in one “sitting”

    + PROS: Real fish flakes, not an overly strong fishy odour (which is a huge bonus for me, as I don't like fish or fishy smells, and my boys like to give me headbutts and kisses after dinner).
    - CONS: Cost
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  6. Christina Nixon

    My cat is 15 years old and has become very fussy – especially with her beloved Tuna wet food. Turns her nose up at all brands. One day I was in Coles and noticed the Farmers Market brand – one I’d never seen before. I thought ‘why not. Worth a try.’ And I am so glad I did. My pussy cat kept her head in the bowl until there was no evidence at all of the Tuna in Gravy having ever been in it! She kept licking her lips and asking for more! Thank you Farmers Market – you have outdone yourselves with delicious pussy cat food – and stomped all over your competitors too!

    + PROS: delicious pussy cat food.
    - CONS: Can only buy it from Coles - but that is only a very minor issue!
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