Grow Longer Stronger Exfoliating Scalp Rinse

Removes build up of silicones, waxes hair product and dead skin to refresh the scalp and restore hydration, soothing and itchy flaking scalp. Contains a potent mix of AHA, BHA, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Witch Hazel to remove build-up of product and dead skin, while refreshing, hydrating and soothing the scalp to provide a foundation for healthy hair growth.

Grow Longer Stronger Exfoliating Scalp Rinse
Grow Longer Stronger Exfoliating Scalp Rinse

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  1. LK

    There are no clear instructions. It says to take off the cap and apply the product. Doesn’t say you need to press fairly hard and squeeze to get it to start dispensing anything. As you need to press into your scalp to do this you can’t see how much product is coming out or how much of your hair is covered. The applicator is terrible – the design team need to go back to the drawing board on this. All it does is tangle your hair and if your hair is thick like mine, it barely reaches the scalp. Then once your hair is in a giant ball, you need to just try and massage it in with your fingers as best you can. So that said, not sure much actual exfoliation was going on. Might be better to have more of a comb design that dispenses at the press of a button and you just have to drag it from root to tip (rather than do circular motions which isn’t practical if you actually have hair. Might have been great on the bald or shaved head lads on the design team but this clearly wasn’t road tested by women or people with longe hair).

    + PROS: - Smells nice
    - CONS: - totally impractical applicator
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  2. Deeza

    Good product but not that simple to use

    + PROS: Makes it feel like shampooing is more effective
    - CONS: Difficult to use with the applicator
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  3. Lauren

    Love it – makes your scalp feel so refreshed. The ingredients are also good. I would buy this again.

    + PROS: Good ingredients Nice fresh smell that isn't too strong
    - CONS: A little difficult to use
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